How Much Do Court Reporting Schools Cost?

Traditional court reporting schools generally charge by the quarter, semester, or credit hour.  Most of them range between $24,000-$57,000 for a 2-or 3-year program and may lead to an “Occupational” Associate’s Degree.

Bear in mind, no court reporting degree is required to enter any of these three careers.  And unless you are training with a REAL college or university, the credits from a proprietary/trade/technical school simply using the word “College” in its name will not transfer to a real college or university. Most schools do not have a separate training program for closed captioning and CART providing and do not encourage students to train for these careers.

Court Reporting and Captioning at Home trains students for all three careers utilizing career specific dictation materials.  AND … there is no extra charge to train for any of the three real-time writing careers.  This comprehensive program includes CAT software and is sold in three packages.

No one cares how you are trained.  What employers care about are: Can you pass a court reporting certification examination if it is a requirement in your state, and can you produce an accurate transcript?  If you do not complete your training in the prescribed period of time in a traditional school or an online court reporting school, you continue to be charged for each quarter, semester, or credit hour it takes to complete your training.  With the “Court Reporting and Captioning at Home” program, you are charged one price regardless of how long you are in training, and the fee includes tuition, training materials, free lifetime support, CAT software, prebuilt steno dictionary, internship and, of course, job placement.

Though most court reporting schools base their programs on two years, statistics from the NCRA indicate the average graduation time is 33 months.  How long court reporting school takes can be dependent upon how the program is structured.  The Court Reporting and Captioning at Home program is self paced and structured for students to be able to complete training significantly faster for several reasons.  They have the best Support Department available, composed only of credentialed professionals who have passed state or national certification examinations.  They teach the only NCRA-approved theory developed specifically for home study students, which is the shortest, easiest theory to learn.  They do not require students to take academic courses that do not relate to these three careers.