Finding a Job

Court reporting, captioning, and CART providing jobs are unlike positions in any other careers out there.

Jobs are not found in the classified ads of newspapers or through an employment agency. They are generally found through networking. However, occasionally a position will be listed on a government website for a Federal Official Court Reporter position, or they may be listed on the classified ad section of the NCRA’s website. However, when a firm or agency requires additional help, it can usually call other reporters or schools to determine who is ready to work or who has passed a certification examination. Captioning companies often contact CRAH and ask if we have a student ready to caption or provide CART. CRAH has prior students who now own their own captioning or CART providing companies who employ other CRAH students.

It is surprising that some schools do not have a 100% placement rate. Shouldn’t EVERY student who completes his training and graduates from the traditional court reporting school or an online program be employable? CRAH enjoys a 100% placement rate, and EVERYONE who completes his training with the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home program has been employed as either a court reporter, captioner, or CART provider.